DIY Mouthwash & Eco Swaps for your Dental Care

This DIY Mouthwash features sea vegetables, chlorella and spirulina, because they are very high in chlorophyll, which neutralizes and fights odor. Peppermint will leave you with that "fresh" sensation, but it also kills the bacteria that cause tooth decay and bad breath. Frankinscense will fight odor, but it will also help to heal mouth sores.

8 Tips to Live Without Antiperspirant and Keep Your Friends

Let me share with you how even a sweat-prone athlete can make the switch and love natural deodorant. My husband and I had been experimenting somewhat unsuccessfully with transitioning off anti perspirant for years.

We tried the rock deodorant (this only worked for me, not him), and any number of natural stick deodorants with a great smell, but all they failed when it came to preventing us from smelling like bad B.O. by the end of the day. 

We’ve now been using a cream deodorant successfully EVERY DAY for two years! So what made the difference? Read on!

Rethinking Menstrual Hygiene

The conventional sanitary product could have a variety of potentially harmful chemicals, including dioxins, pesticides, bleach and fragrances that may negatively impact our health. Unfortunately, the menstrual hygiene market, providing solutions for the intimate parts of our bodies, is full of these.

A Natural Deodorant Recipe That Works

Embarrassing as this is to say, I’ve always had issues dealing with sweat and odor.  I thought the only way to tackle this was to buy the strongest anti-perspirant, but that never really worked for me.  In my thirties, when I decided to go back to University, I started to learn about all the chemicals in our