DIY Mouthwash & Eco Swaps for your Dental Care

This simple DIY Mouthwash features sea vegetables, chlorella and spirulina, because they are very high in chlorophyll, which neutralizes and fights odor.

The addition of Peppermint is key as it will leave you with that "fresh" sensation, but it also helps fight the bacteria that can cause tooth decay and bad breath. Frankincense is also a great addition since it acts to fight the bacteria that causes odor, but will also help to heal mouth sores. 


For 2 weeks, infuse the following in an alcohol that's safe for ingestion (definitely not hand-sanitzer alcohol!). We like vodka because it can be found in a gluten-free option when made from potatoes. (Beatty's Vodka is made in Alliston, Ontario.)

30 ml/ 2 Tbsp Chlorella  Powder
30 ml/ 2 Tbsp Spirulina Powder
250 ml vodka (1 cup)

When the infusion is finished, strain a few times through a coffee filter to remove the chlorella and spirulina powder from the vodka. Use half with the remaining ingredients below, and save the other half for your next batch.

20 drops Frankincense  (For a .025% of total - safe for taking it orally; can be purchased by the drop at any of our retail stores)
250 ml Peppermint Floral Water (1 cup) 
A few drops of Stevia for sweetener. *to your taste*

Shake well and it's ready to swish! 


To complete your #notox and VERY low waste dental care routine, see some of our tips below and we'll be sure to have your smile sparkling and your dentist in full approval!

The easiest #smartswap is switching to a bamboo toothbrush. We've developed our in-house brand to keep the price really low. The handle is completely compostable. The bristles are nylon so they'll last longer between replacements. (Longevity is a sustainabiliy consideration, too!) You can pluck them out, or snap off the head, before putting the handle in your green bin.

Our 3 blends don't come in a plastic tube and are a truly naturally effective formula that tastes great!  We used recommendations from the Canadian Dental Association for our formula. Key ingredients work to:

  1. remineralize and remove plaque from teeth with bentonite clay, kaolin clay, fullers earth & diatomaceous earth;
  2. deodorize, clean, and whiten with baking soda and/or charcoal (but not enough to be too abrasive on your enamel);
  3. protect and fight against gum disease with Myrrh resin;
  4. freshen breath with spearmint & peppermint essential oils;
  5. fight bacteria with coconut oil & tea tree oil.

Take a look at our flavour options here.

Dental Floss: 
Want an alternative to plastic dental floss? We have silk and vegan corn fibre options that come in a refillable glass jar! Browse here.

Thanks for reading!