What makes Green and Frugal Different from other natural companies? 

We are the manufacturer and make everything fresh and in small batches with purely natural ingredients and no unnecessary fillers. Our goal is to make quality natural products more accessible to more people!

Our truly natural products are made with carefully researched, high-quality ingredients, in order to offer the most benefits. There are no cheap fillers, synthetic preservatives, emulsifiers, fragrances, or dyes. Since we do not add water or water-bases to our products, we eliminate the need to use synthetic preservatives or emulsifiers found in many other natural products.  This is why we do not carry many liquid products as they contain mainly water which would require those synthetics. So, instead of liquid shampoo, we have shampoo bars.  Or instead of liquid laundry detergent, we offer a powder laundry detergent.  This also makes our products very concentrated, so a little goes a very long way! 

Our quality products are affordable since you’re buying direct from the manufacturer – us!  We offer low markups and have no middlemen taking a piece of the pie.  Remember, our goal is to make green living more accessible to more people.

For more information, visit our About Us page.


Why are some of your prices so low?

Our mission is to make eco-friendly and green living more accessible to everyone. To reduce the financial barrier that many face in this lifestyle, we offer low pricing by:

1. Manufacturing our own line of body care to offer wholesale pricing directly to our customers

2. Working directly with manufacturers as much as possible to cut out the middle man (the distributor)

3. Offering low mark ups when #1 or #2 doesn't work out

4. We pass on the savings when we purchase supplies in bulk


How do I process an online order? What types of payment are accepted?

When you are ready to checkout, select the cart at the upper right hand corner. This will take you to check out where you can see your total, including taxes and shipping. Payment options include Paypal, Credit Card, or if you prefer, an email money transfer ("Offline Payment"). An order confirmation will be sent shortly after you place your order - if you didn't receive it check your junk mail box.  There is also an option for in-store pickup!


What is the cost of shipping?

For Canadian customers, we offer FREE shipping on orders $59+.  For Canadian orders under $59 or for international orders, there is a shipping calculator that you can use before you proceed to checkout.  Orders placed for shipping in the GTA tend to be no more than $10, depending on the weight and size of the package.

To get to the shipping calculator, click on your shopping bag -> view cart -> scroll down to "ESTIMATE SHIPPING AND TAX".  Or, you can go to checkout, enter you shipping information, then click next for your calculated shipping rate.

During COVID-19, We were offering free local staff delivery on orders $35+ but we had to discontinue this service once our stores reopened - we don't have the staff capacity of offer both services at this time.


Why don't you offer Free Shipping below $59?

Since we have low markups to make everyday green living affordable, free shipping is not a sustainable practice for our business.  Many companies have high markups to compensate for "Free Shipping", so in the end you really are paying for the shipping.  In order to order free shipping on everything, we would have to raise our prices which we would like to avoid.


How long will it take for me to receive my order that is being shipped?

We process and ship orders via Canada Post Expedited Shipping within 1-2 business days (During COVID-19, orders may take longer to process due to a staff shortage and high order volume). The duration of shipping will depend on the courier - please refer to your tracking number. A confirmation email will be sent when your order is received and another confirming that your order has been shipped. All orders are shipped out in reused boxes and wrap that we save from our ingredient orders to reduce our ecological footprint :)

Holiday Shipping Deadlines: For orders outside of Toronto, please have your orders in by Dec 11. For the Toronto area, please have your orders in by Dec 16th.


Do you offer in-store pickup?  How does it work?

You can place orders for pickup online, by phone, or by email. When ordering online, at checkout, select the "in-store pickup" tab located beside the shipping/delivery option.  Then proceed to payment.

You will first receive a email/text notification stating that we received your order.  Once we pack your order, we will notify you that your order is ready for pickup with pickup instructions. Processing time is typically done within 1-2 business days.  Please note that processing times may take longer during COVID as we process all incoming online orders throughout the city in sequence.   This is option is much faster than the delivery option since we don't do deliveries everyday and we deliver by area all throughout the city.

There is only 2customers allowed in the store at a time, so please wait 2' outside of the front door until it is your turn to come in.  Once inside, staff will assist from a safe distance. 

How do I order bulk ingredients/refills online? 

For butters, liquids or sodium hydroxide, please select your desired quantity in the deposit jar. This option includes the $2 deposit fee. Deposit jars and lids can be returned to the store clean, dry and undamaged for your $2 deposit fee back.  For powders, we package the product in a paper bag for you.  Remember, if you're shopping in-person (when COVID-19 has passed) you can always BYOC (bring your own container) to fill up on any quantity you need.  During COVID-19, we are not offering a refill service on your own containers as there is still a risk of cross contamination/spread that we all need to avoid. 

Are your products vegan or nut-free?

For the most part, yes! Our only non-vegan products are our toothpastes, which contains a touch of raw honey. We even carry vegan floss!

The only product that contains nuts, is our hair oil which has macadamia nut.  Otherwise there are some products that have coconut oil which some people are sensitive to.

For those with gluten allergies, we recommend to avoid the use of our facial cleansing grains as they contain oats which may have been processed in a wheat processing facility.

Still left with an unanswered question? Don't hesitate to call or email us, we'd love to chat!