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Soap - Household Cleaner

Castile Soap

This concentrated soap is so versatile!  Just mix with water and you have made your own hand soap, dish soap, floor cleaner, body wash, and much more. Lots of great recipes online! Refill in-store for 0.16/10G when you bring your own container. For online order, select your quantity and we'll ship it out in our deposit glass jar ($2) You can also...

Soap Nuts

$0.50/10G - BYOC and fill up with the quantities you need at our store. Ordering online? We'll pack it in a paper bag for you. Need a large amount? Contact us for a quote.   Once mixed with water, these little plants extract a mild natural soap agent. Great to clean a lightly soiled laundry load or to gently wash your hair...

Dish Soap Block

Handmade in-house! These lather and cut grease beautifully!  Very clean pure ingredients containing only pure coconut oil and essential oils put through the soap making process.   Being a concentrated product with no added water (like regular dish soap), you only need to use a little making this product last a long time. Directions: Swipe either your wet dish brush,...