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Handmade in-house! These lather and cut grease beautifully!  Very clean pure ingredients containing only pure coconut oil, sunflower oil, and citric acid put through the soap making process.   Being a concentrated product with no added water (unlike conventional dish soap), you only need to use a little, making this product last a long time.

Directions: Swipe either your wet dish brush, sponge, or cloth on the block and wash your dish.  

Scent Options: Now only offering unscented

NEW: Now with citric acid added to prevent residue on dishes for those with hard water.


Please note: each block has a different weight as they are difficult to cut perfectly.  Due to this, we sell the product by weight in-store at $0.04 per g.  To simplify online orders, we will ship you a bar that is closest to the weight that equals this sale price of $11.95



Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Citric Acid. **Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) is used in the soap making process, however when the soap is fully cured it no longer remains in the soap

External use only unless otherwise advised by a medical practitioner. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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Customer Reviews

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Anna Baranyai
Fantastic product

This product is perfect for washing my precious inherited porcelain set that I would never put in dishwasher. Most importantly, this soap is super gentle and doesn't irritate my skin at all. THANK YOU!

Best Natural Soap Bar I've EVER Used

Finally found a vegan palm-free synthetic-free bar that works awesome. Im shocked about the one review that said it didn't work. I clean up super greasy messes with All.The.Time. Thanks for creating such amazing natural products - keep up the good work!

Love it!

I have tried a few dish soap block brands now, but love this one the most. It is amazing at tackling greasy dishes! It lathers nicely and last a long time. Love the simple clean ingredients compared to some others.

Dish Soap Block Must Have!

I have been on the search for a good natural dish soap to replace the conventional store brand. I thought I would never find one…. until recently I bought this Dish Soap Block. It worked amazingly. I had a plastic food storage container that had oil in it, I ran the bar under the water to collect in the container to let sit while I finished washing the other dishes. When it was time for me to wash the container, it cleaned beautifully. Squeaky Clean, No oil residue left behind and my hands felt soft afterwards.

Not as good as I wanted it to be

Being an eco-enthusiast, I wanted to love this. It foams and is gentle on your hands but just does not cut through grime and grease. It was leaving residue on my glassware and would just smear around any oils that I was trying to remove. I then ended up using my dish soap from 'The Unscented Company" and it worked SO much better. Not sure I can convert to this soap as it just doesn't do that job. I am actually upset I went ahead and bought two bars before testing it out. I am pretty sure its just castille soap with no degreaser added.