About Us

Our products...

are truly natural made with high-quality ingredients that are carefully researched in order to offer the most benefits to our customers. We do not add cheap fillers or harmful preservatives, emulsifiers, fragrances, and dyes. Since we do not add synthetic preservatives, we carefully select what we can safely make available.

How do we make these self-preserving natural products without synthetic ingredients to preserve them? ​

We make everything fresh in small batches. This means our products are not sitting on the shelf for long periods of time, making them last longer for you without all the chemicals. This also means more beneficial properties will be available to you at the time of use.

No water added. Water reduces the richness of a product and also requires the addition of emulsifiers and/or preservatives to blend oil & water together along with preventing rancidity, growth of bacteria & mold. Instead of water, and other cheap fillers, we offer concentrated products rich in beneficial plant oils, butters and powders, such as face oils, body butters and dry shampoos, that are amazingly nourishing and jam-packed full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. And remember, concentrated formulas such as ours means a little product goes a long way!

Customization of products is also available since everyone is different. Just let us know if a product is too greasy, too drying, or you simply don't like the scent, and we can customize the next product for you or suggest a product line that may work best. We understand everyone is different! ​

In addition to offering synthetic-free products, which is better for us and our environment, we are making every effort to reduce our ecological footprint by offering quality products that use sustainably sourced ingredients, reusable packaging, and a refill station where you can bring your own container (BYOC) to fill up on what you need. ​

Our Goal....

is to make safe and truly natural products while making them more affordable so all can have access to their many benefits. Many natural products tend to be outrageously expensive while still containing questionable ingredients. While natural products can’t be as cheap as conventional products, since they tend to contain better ingredients overall, we offer reasonable pricing by providing the lowest markup possible while not sacrificing the quality of ingredients used. We also offer a refill station to help everyone save more and to help reduce waste. In doing this, we hope that more will be able to take part in buying ethically-made natural products in an effort to improve our health & environment for us and future generations. ​

Zero Waste Toronto....

With having so many environmentally conscious customers, we decided to offer reusable housewares and personal care products to our lineup.  Many of the reusable products that we offer replace single-use items that are devastating to the environment.  We have beeswax wraps to replace plastic wrap, silicone bags to replace sealable plastic bags, menstrual cups to replace tampons, and much more!  We continue our efforts in this department to make green living more accessible by either working direct with the manufacturer to cut out middle man expense, or by applying our lowest markups possible.  How are things suppose to change if only a small group of people can afford it, right?!