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deposit jar, glass

When returning the deposit jars for a refund, they need to be clean, dry, and undamaged.

Metal Containers

Metal Containers  Made from recycled material Not advised for use with water-based products

Full Circle Glass Foamer Soap Dispenser

This Full Circle foamer bottle infuses air and water into liquid - letting you spare soap, cash, and the world all at once.  Made from Bamboo and recycled glass. Fill the glass window with your favorite eco-friendly soap, add water, press the dispenser and let the air help you do the dishes. Use less soap by making your own; regular soap + water...

250ml Foamer Pump

250ml Foamer Pump - Did you know that you can make your own hand soap for a fraction of the price of conventional hand soap? Need Castile Soap?   We can help you make your hand soap on the spot in-store, or check out our YouTube video to learn how to DIY right at home here! You can buy it from...

Amber Glass Jars

Amber glass jars with aluminum lids. Available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml.

30ml blue cobalt glass bottle with pump

30ml blue cobalt glass bottle with treatment pump

Amber Glass Roller Ball

10ml Amber Glass Roller Ball Container

100ml Amber Bottle

100ml Amber Bottle with metal cap

500 ml Aluminum Spray Bottle

White or black spray head available

Glass Roller Ball

50ml Glass Roller Ball Container

30ml Amber Boston Glass Bottle

30ml Amber Boston Round Glass Bottle

100ml Plastic Squeeze Bottle

Great for travel! Great for kids!

Aluminum Pump Bottle 120ml

120ml Aluminum Pump Bottle container