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Healing Body Butter

This blend of body butter contains amazing restorative & moisturizing properties that softens, moisturizes and heals your skin. It is a very nourishing formula, with a soft lavender scent, containing a broad array of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. Shea Butter and Mango Butter softens and heals. Apricot Oil absorbs easily into the skin and has a high Vitamin A content. Black Cumin Seed replenishes the...

Orange & Vanilla Body Butter

The combination of butters and plant oils soften and heal with their richness in vitamins, minerals & fatty acids. Essential oils of Frankincense, Sweet Orange, Vanilla, and Palmarosa act to nourish dry irritated skin, retain moisture, heal and promote collagen production which assists in fighting wrinkles & dark spots. This butter is a top seller for its amazing soft orange + vanilla scent which is from essential oils...

Unscented Body Butter

Our unscented body butter contains very simple yet effective ingredients that work to moisturize dry sensitive skin.  It contains absolutely no essential oils which makes a great choice for those with fragrance sensitivities and a great choice to use on babies.    This formula glides on nicely and absorbs well.  Be sure just to apply a small amount as this...

Cocoa Body Butter Blend

This pure blend smells just like chocolate because of the raw cocoa butter use.  It is gentle for all, including babies, as it does not contain any essential oils and it made with only pure plant ingredients.  It has amazing skin softening properties, and is not as greasy as some of the other butters since cocoa is not as greasy as...

Vanilla Mint Body Butter

This whipped body butter glides on easily and smells delicious!  It contains only plant ingredients that help add moisture and nutrients to the skin.  The essential oils have properties that have a refreshing slightly cooling sensation that also assist with reducing irritation, making this a great moisturizer to apply after shaving!   It absorbs nicely into the skin as long as you...

Body Oil - unscented

Natural Unscented Body Oil. This non-greasy formula instantly absorbs and moisturizes!  All of these nourishing gentle oils are great for those with sensitive skin, too. Available in 30g and 90g Want a scent? Let us know in-store and we can add an essential oils scent of your choosing. Want to refill?  Just bring in your own clean and dry container and...

Body Oil - Jasmine

This non-greasy formula instantly absorbs and moisturizes.  All of these nourishing gentle oils are great for those with sensitive skin, too. Softly scented with pure plant oils of Jasmine, Bergamot, and Frankincense. These essential oils are not only beneficial to your skin, but also soothing for your mind. - Refills online are done by selecting the refill deposit jar option....

Body Butter Gift Set - Cocoa Blend and Vanilla Mint

Gift set includes: 1 Large Cocoa Body Butter Blend 1 Large Vanilla Mint Body Butter All products in this gift set are refillable! Gift box may vary.

Body Butter Gift Set - Healing Blend and Orange Vanilla

Gift set includes: 1 Large Healing Body Butter Blend 1 Large Orange Vanilla Body Butter All products in this gift set are refillable!

Large Body Butter Gift Set - Customizable

Gift set includes: 2 large body butters of your choosing All items in this gift set are refillable! The gift box packaging in the picture is no longer available, so we will package it in another plastic free kraft gift box with a bow.

Mango Body Butter Blend

This Mango Butter blend is great for those looking for a non-greasy body butter that still contains all the richness of a pure & natural body butter. Mango butter is naturally rich in Vitamin A & E, which is a key ingredient that softens and moisturizes skin.  Combined with other nourishing ingredients, such as avocado oil, meadowfoam oil, and rice bran oil, this...

Protecting Body Butter

This body butter not only moisturizes but also protects your skin naturally from UV rays and environmental pollution offering sun protection and anti-aging support.  It contains Zinc Oxide, a common ingredient in many natural sunscreens, and other plant butter and oils that offer additional UV protection and skin softening properties. Scent-free. Vegan. Nut Free.  *To maintain maximum freshness of our products,...