Customization: Getting Your Face & Body Oil Just Right!

Everyone wants to feel comfortable and glowing in their skin. One of the benefits of choosing an oil for your face and body over a cream or butter is that we can customize it for your specific needs. 

Nourishing Face Oil Recipe

As crazy as this sounds, oil is amazing for your face even if you have oily skin!  Since I have always struggled with oily skin I always opted to buy the harsh face wash and moisturizers that stripped the oils of my skin, but by mid-day my face was a shiny mess.  I always had

Body Butter Recipe

When I started looking at the ingredients in my beauty products, I found that most body moisturizers are full of cheap fillers, synthetic preservatives, emulsifiers, dyes and fragrances .  I also realized these products were cheap because the number one ingredient on the list was usually water, followed by ingredients I couldn’t even read. I then looked into buying “natural” or organic