Customization: Getting Your Face & Body Oil Just Right!

We put a lot of research and experimentation into designing our face and body oil blends. The synergy of the carrier and essential oils working together to moisturize, nourish, heal and restore your skin is a thing, literally, of beauty. 

Everyone wants to feel comfortable and glowing in their skin. One of the benefits of choosing an oil for your face and body over a cream or butter is that we can customize it for your specific needs. 

Have mature skin that needs a bit more moisture? We can add Tamanu Nut Oil.

Do you want a drier finish? We can add Safflower Oil to reduce the "greasiness".

Want to address scars or sun damage? We can add some more Black Cumin Oil.

Have mature skin with occasional break outs? We can add more Jojoba Oil to balance oil production, and Pumpkin Seed Oil for the anti-inflamatory effects.

Have eczema? We can add some Perilla Oil or Myrrh essential oil.

Want to boost your anti-oxidants to fight the loss of suppleness? We can add some additional Rosehip, Sea Buckthorn, or Moringa Seed Oil.

Just talk to any of our staff and they'd be glad to help you with your requests.