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Naked Bamboo Wipes

Bamboo Reusable Kitchen Wipes Made from 100% Bamboo 1 roll = 6 months of towels Washable and reusable up to 80+ times!  Machine washable, but laundry bag for delicates is recommend. For best results and longer life, hand wash and dry.

Lavender Gift Set with Soap

This gift set includes: 1 large Healing Blend Body Butter 1 small Peppermint + Lavender Foot Scrub 1 Lavender + Babassu Soap Bar 1 small Relax + Heal Bath Salts All the items in this gift set are refillable! 

Coconut Oil - Virgin

Sustainably sourced - 100% Virgin Coconut Cold-pressed, organic, unrefined (coconut scent is still present) - Note: Has a long shelf life. May not be suitable for those with nut sensitivities.  - Orders online include the price of a glass deposit jar ($2) Return your jar clean and dry for your $2 back! - In-store refills with your own container- $0.20/10G  ...

Coconut Scour Pads 3 pack Full Circle

Full Circles most abrasive scrubber Tackles the caked-on, baked-on, burnt messes on pots + pans and your stovetop! Plant-based | free of BPA, Triclosan, and other harsh chemicals 5.5" x 3.125” x 0.375” | 14cm x 7.9cm x .95cm

Fruit Fly Trap, Jarware

Re-purpose your mason jar and turn it into a fruit fly trap with this silicone mason jar attachment by Jarware! Simply add a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar and a dash of dish soap to your mason jar then attach your new silicone fruit fly trap attachment to your mason jar and screw on the lid!   Attachment only...

Silicone Drink Lid, 4-pk, Jarware

4 pack of silicone Drink lids for mason jars.  Tip: They fit stainless steel straws!   Two sizes available: regular mouth, wide mouth More about JARWARE: IS JARWARE REUSABLE? Of course! Our goal is to help you re-purpose your mason jar over and over again, so Jarware was designed to last. In support of the reuse revolution and to help...

Lemongrass + Tea Tree Deodorant

The deodorant cream goes on smooth and leaves a nice satin finish.  It is a non-greasy formula that contains powders that act to absorb excess moisture from sweat to prevent bacterial growth.  When bacteria does occur, essential oils were selected to fight bacteria that causes odour. Fresh Lemongrass Scent. Stronger than the Happy Deodorant. 60g. Free from: Aluminum and any other...

Bacuri Butter

Extraction/processing method: Cold-pressed Botanical name: Platonia Insignis Absorbs fast into the skin and is non-greasy. Hydrates, heals, and soothes irritated skin Amazing butter for face, body, and hair applications. Strong earthy scent. - To refill in-store with your own container - $0.70/10G Shopping online, select the quantity and we'll ship out in a glass container on deposit. For large quantities, please contact...

2-in-1 Lint Remover

Made by Full Circle using Bamboo, Recycled Plastic, Rubber, Microfiber A compact design combines a lint remover and a microfiber fuzz eradicator. Take it anywhere you go! To open, twist and align flat edges then pull. To lock, reinsert brush, realign flat edges, and twist closed. Soft bristles tackle larger lint + hair/micro-bristle fabric removes finer fuzz Brush nests neatly...

Body Butter Kit for Beginners

In this kit you will receive the portioned ingredients to make your very own body butter at home, easy to follow instructions on a recipe card and video link for visual learners.  This recipe is great for beginners and a great activity to do with your kids!   Both the butter and the carrier oil are packed in returnable deposit jars,...

Tulsi (Holy Basil), Leaves Cut & Sifted

Lemongrass, Cut & Sifted $1.10 / 10 grams BYOC and fill up with the quantities you need at our store. Ordering online? We'll pack it in a paper bag for you. Need a large amount? Contact us for a quote.

Moringa Leaves, Cut & Sifted

Lemongrass, Cut & Sifted $1.00 / 10 grams BYOC and fill up with the quantities you need at our store. Ordering online? We'll pack it in a paper bag for you. Need a large amount? Contact us for a quote.

Lemongrass, Cut & Sifted

Lemongrass, Cut & Sifted $0.80 / 10 grams BYOC and fill up with the quantities you need at our store. Ordering online? We'll pack it in a paper bag for you. Need a large amount? Contact us for a quote.

Jute Tote Bag

Green & Frugal Jute Tote Bag 16" Long x 14.5" Tall 4" Wide when open

Fine Tooth Comb - Rectangular

This eco-friendly wood comb works to alleviate and relieve scalp tension and minimize tangled hair and split ends with will rounded edges for a no snag use and is particularly suited to those with finer hair.

Bath Salts Vanilla Mint

An invigorating Blend with Essential Oils of Spearmint, Vanilla and Copaiba Balsam.  Size: Small 500g (2-5 baths), Large 770g ( 4-7 baths), Extra Large 1080g ( 6-10 baths) Directions: Scoop 1/4 – 1 cup into each bath.  We recommend 1/2 – 1 cup for best results. Our Extra Large option is currently out of stock, check back in with us again soon....

Muscle Relief Roll-On

Our natural muscle relief roll-on blend is effective and concentrated. It contains pure plant ingredients that have strong anti-inflammatory properties, such as Arnica, Copaiba Balsam, and Camphor.  This makes it a must-have for those with muscle aches, arthritis, injuries, and/or joint pain.  Unlike our rub, this blend is menthol-free, so if you are looking for that instant cooling/burning sensation from menthol, please give our...

Arnica Infusion

  Arnica infused with Safflower Oil Arnica - Is a soothing oil with high anti-inflammatory properties making it a great choice for aches, pains, sprains, bruises, and arthritis.  Safflower Oil (Organic): Good for skin. Nourishing, moisturizing and balancing.  Contains vitamin E and omegas 9 and 6. This oil has a quick absorption rate. - Orders online include the price of a glass deposit jar ($2) ...

Magnesium Chloride Flakes

To refill in-store with your own container - $0.40/10G Shopping online, select the quantity and we'll ship out in a glass container on deposit ($2) or in a paper bag. For large quantities, please contact us for a quote.

Walnut Shell Scour Pads 3 pack Full Circle

This "Neat Nut" 3 pack from Full Circle is: Scrubbing pad made from walnut shells for natural scouring power Gentle on surfaces, yet effective and durable Set of 3 scour pads Made from walnut shells and recycled PET Non-toxic 5.5" x 3.25" x .25" | 13.97cm x 8.3cm x .64cm

Reusable Swabs Bamboo, Naked Swab

A reusable and sustainable alternative to cotton swabs. Each comes in a set of four swabs.  They can be used for ear cleaning and even for beauty applications. Each swab lasts for up to 2000 uses. Easily cleaned and maintained with soap and water. Made from Bamboo and Silicone. Sourced from Naked Swab - a Female-owned, Toronto-based business!

Bamboo Lid For Mason Jars

A perfect fit for wide-mouth mason jars!  It has a silicone seal making it perfect to transform your jar into a to-go cup, or just to store food in your pantry or fridge. A great alternative to lids that come with mason jars since those lids tend to rust.  Also the seal and no-twist top allows for faster accessibility to...

Large Happy Gift Set with Salts

The happiest gift set there ever was! Enjoy the scents of bergamot, grapefruit and lime in three formats... This gift set includes: 1 Large Happy Body scrub  1 Large Happy Body Butter 1 Happy Bath Salts  All of the items in this gift set are refillable!  

Collapsible straw set

Pocket friendly set including a collapsible steel straw, straw cleaner and case. The telescopic straw collapses down for storage into its case which features a handy key ring that can be attached to accessible places (like your keychain) for extra portability.

Insulated Coffee Mug, Danesco

Double Walled Mug with wooden lid/coaster, 450ml, stainless steel. The rustic acacia wood lid and wire handle gives an artisanal feel to this collection of Cafe Culture double walled coffee mugs. Double-wall captures air to create a vacuum layer of thermal insulation. Keeps coffee hotter and longer than standard mugs, while the outside layer remains cool to the touch. The...

Hair Elastic Ties

Terra Ties  100% organic and biodegradable hair ties.  Made from organic cotton, natural rubber and colored with natural dyes. Comes as a pack of 27 hair ties. 

Large Produce Bag

Our natural cotton mesh produce bags are of a durable material suitable for larger and heavier fruits and vegetables, machine-washable and air dry quickly.  They can be reused to accompany you on all your grocery runs to help you reduce your single use plastic use!   12.5" x 15"

Bento Stainless Steel Lunch Box - Airtight

This large stainless steel bento lunchbox features an airtight & leakproof lid.  The dividers are an ideal size to separate your snacks from your main dish. 21.5cm long Inside Dimensions: Large section - 5.5" length, 4" width; 2 Small Sections - 2.75" length, 3" width. Outside Dimensions: 6.5" length, 4.5" width 304 Stainless Steel Food-Grade. Also known as 18/8, because it contains 18%...

Fine tooth comb

This eco-friendly wood comb works to alleviate and relieve scalp tension and minimize tangled hair and split ends with will rounded edges for a no snag use and is particularly suited to those with finer hair.

Wide tooth comb

This eco-friendly wood comb is best for getting out tangles and combing wet hair, causing less breakage and split ends.  Great for all hair types.

Body Brush

This bath brush, made with 100% natural bamboo wood and plant bristles, is great for hard-to-reach areas and can be used wet or dry for cleansing and exfoliating.  

Hair Brush

This all-natural hair brush is made with 100% natural bamboo to work through thin or thick hair while massaging your scalp, relieving stress, detangling your hair, increasing blood circulation, lessening frizz, and preventing hair breakage from static to give you healthy & beautiful hair.

Cutlery set

Bamboo cutlery set that includes a spoon, fork, knife, chop sticks, brush straw cleaner and straw.  Conveniently stored in a reusable cotton canvas pouch that rolls up for on the go use.  We choose to offer a Dark Navy color as it is less likely to get stained overtime.

Full Circle Crumb Sweep

Sweeps crumbs from counter or tablecloths Squeegee spills right into the sink Stands up for easy storage Part squeegee, part brush and dustpan, this tool removes the messiest of puddles from counters and tiniest of bits from surfaces. In addition to reducing paper towel waste, this nifty little set is self-standing, or fits right in a drawer.  7” x 2.75”...

Full Circle Plant Dyed Dish Cloths

3 Pack of Cotton Cloths. These cloths are beautiful, quick-drying, and made of organic cotton. We like to use them in place of paper towels and can also be used as napkins for your family. 100% organic cotton Naturally dyed with pomegranate, tea leaves, and aster flower Breathable weave dries quickly  100% organic cotton 12" x 12"

Big Love Linen Face Masks

Handmade in Toronto by Big Love.  Designed for comfort and functionality Double layered & washable Made with linen, which is naturally antibacterial and breathable Has a hand sewn hypoallergenic cotton lining on the inside Elastic ear loops ensuring a snug fit

Eye Pillow

Handmade linen eye pillows made locally by Big Love Collective.  

Vanilla Mint Essential Oil Blend

 A new holiday scent that I think you will love - Vanilla Mint!   Tip: We like to add it to our Castile soap so we have a holiday scented hand soap!  Check out our YouTube video to learn how here. - 15ml Bottle $12.75 - perfect for diffusers Ingredients: Cedrus deodora (Cedarwood) Oil, Mentha arvensis (Peppermint) Oil, Vanilla Planifolia, Copaifera...

Dish Soap Block

Handmade in-house! These lather and cut grease beautifully!  Very clean pure ingredients containing only pure coconut oil, essential oils, and citric acid put through the soap making process.   Being a concentrated product with no added water (like conventional dish soap), you only need to use a little, making this product last a long time. Directions: Swipe either your wet dish...

Happy Roll-On Deodorant

Our roll-on deodorant is made with only pure plant oils!  The powerful antibacterial properties from essential oils work to fight bacteria that causes odour.  It has our signature "Happy" Scent with notes of Grapefruit + Lime.  Vegan. 30 ml. - Directions: Roll-on until underpits are lightly coated with oil.  Preferably allow a few minutes to absorb before putting on clothes. ...

Face Oil - Antioxidant Botanical Blend

This face oil contains rich antioxidants that occur naturally from plants such as raspberry, pomegranate, prickly pear, and sea buckthorn.  These oils being rich in Vitamin C, E, and fatty acids make them key to assist in preventing premature aging, regenerating the skin, and preventing moisture loss. All other ingredients play an important role as they work to provide a non-greasy balanced blend...

Large Shaving Gift Set

This gift set includes: 1 Rockwell Safety Razor with 5 blades 1 Hair and Beard Oil 1 Aftershave  1 Rosemary + Mint + Matcha Soap Bar for Hair and Body All the items in this gift set are refillable!  To learn more about our mens line, check out our YouTube video here. We offer two different gable gift box options;...

Handcrafted hardwood soap dish

Made in Canada by @Leslie.webb.studio.  We have Figured Maple (light color) and Black Walnut (dark color) options.  $11.95

Body Oil - Happy (Grapefruit + Lime)

This non-greasy formula instantly absorbs and moisturizes.  All of these nourishing gentle oils are great for those with sensitive skin, too. Softly scented with pure plant oils of Grapefruit, Bergamot and Lime. These essential oils are not only beneficial to your skin, but also offer a little energy kick to your day. - Refills online are done by selecting the...

Happy Body Butter - Grapefruit + Lime

The combination of butters and plant oils soften and heal with their richness in vitamins, minerals & fatty acids. This butter is a top seller for its much-loved scent of sweet citrus and bergamot, which are from essential oils only (no synthetic fragrances are ever used). For all skin types. Unlike many Body Butters, ours is free from harmful preservatives, emulsifiers, chemical...

Full Circle Reusable Plant Towel

These 100%  reusable plant towels are tough and long lasting – just one roll replaces up to 60 rolls of traditional paper towels. They are hand-washable up to 50x and quick drying so they stay odor-free. They’re chlorine-free too, they’re easier on the environment. Comes in a bamboo and plastic-free PLA bag. 1 roll has 30 sheets.  2.56" x 2.56" x 10.63"...

Stainless Steel Pump Attachment - Foaming

Stainless steel pump Attachment for regular mouth jars.  Best to use with Castile soap and water with a ratio of 1:4. 1 part soap to 4 parts water.

Kids' Mask, Accordion Style

Child-sized Masks with pleats to allow for expansion around the face - these measure approximately 3” high (5.5” when expanded) x 6” wide, Every mask features two layers of 100% cotton fabric, a pocket for an optional filter of your choice, and a bendable wire that curves to the nose to help form a secure fit. Care: To preserve the life...

Herb and Spice Infuser, Stainless Steel

An easy way to infuse fresh or dried herbs in soups, sauces, stews and more. Fill the container and hang from the chain hook onto the pot. Twist-lock secures contents. Laser cut perforations strain out small particles. Can also be used for steeping loose tea into large pitchers and teapots. Dishwasher safe. 3" dia x 3.25" H / 7.5cm dia x...

Stand Up Bulk Food Bags

Set of two, 100% Organic cotton, bulk bags. Perfect for bulk shopping, with a flat bottom for easy filling and storing. Tare weight tag on each bag. Machine wash - cold water.  Set of 2: Small - 19.5 x 25cm / 8.75 x 10" Large - 23 x 32 cm / 9 x 12.5"