Holiday Gift Guide Part 1: Green Bodycare Sets

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for the All-Natural

Hair and Body Care Lovers in Your Life - Part 1


Tune in weekly for more parts to our series including low-waste, unisex, and DIY Holiday Gift Guides!


We could all use some extra self-care and pampering after the year we have had. This holiday season is the perfect time to treat your loved ones to a purely all-natural and therapeutic experience with our green bodycare products! Scroll through our curated collection of gift sets to find the perfect one for everyone on your list!  And, did you know, all of our products are packaged in reusable metal and glass containers, so you can also feel good about providing a low waste gift option that is also refillable!

Mini Gift Sets Under $15

 Perfect gifts for Secret Santa's, fellow co-workers, teacher appreciation, etc. Over 10 mini-sets to choose from!  Purely natural, refillable and sure to please all! 


For the one who is new to natural body care products


Know someone who has been thinking about going more natural with their body care products but hasn't yet taken the leap? The Must Have's Gift Set is a compilation of our must haves to help start them out if they are new to Green & Frugal's line of handcrafted goods.


This gift set includes:

1 Large Happy Body Butter

1 Antioxidant face oil

1 Lavender & Tea Tree Deodorant

1 Lavender & Babassu Hair and Body Soap

1 Shaker Bottle of Dry Shampoo



 For the one who isn’t a fan of the winter season



Winter can be a difficult time of the year for lots of people. Less sunshine, shorter days, shivers and chills for months. We've got you covered! Lift a loved one's spirit by gifting them our Large Happy Gift Set. Our happy scent is a signature at Green and Frugal; a perfect blend of citrus notes to add some summery vibes to your skin.

This gift set includes:

1 Large Happy Body Scrub

1 Large Happy Body Butter

1 Small Happy Bath Salt


 For the one who is always on their feet


A gift that includes all of the wonderful things that can help exfoliate and deeply moisturize those feet that keep them on the go all day! The Foot Care Gift Set acts as a mini spa day in a box! 

This gift set includes:

1 Large Healing Body Butter Blend

1 Large Pumice Peppermint Foot Scrub


 For the Super Moisturizer

Price Ranges from $30.50 - $34.50

Have someone on your list that suffers from dry skin and is always stopping to slather up with moisturizer? Or, let's be real, we have all been there during the winter months… the Pick 2 – Body Butter Gift Set is perfect for treating dry winter skin with amazing plant ingredients rich in vitamins and nutrients for the body!


This gift set includes:

2 large body butters of your choice

All items in this gift set are refillable



 For the one who loves to soak

Large $13.00, Small $7.00

Know someone who loves to draw a bath after a long day? Green and Frugal carries seven different bath salts! Give the Muscle relief bath salts to that friend or family member who works out or suffers from sore muscles or joint pain. Gift the Relax and Heal bath salts to that loved one who is looking to unwind and relax while also receiving some amazing skin healing properties.



Our bath salts are packed in a returnable $2 deposit jar or refillable at any of our locations




For the one who wants a new haircare routine

With Hair Oil $41.20, Without Hair Oil $27.45

Know someone who is looking into a new haircare routine? Our Hair Care gift set is perfect for a silky, shiny and healthy mane. If you are unsure of what soap options to select, our Coconut & Chia, Rosemary Mint, Lemongrass & Avocado, Dandelion & Lime, and Charcoal Detox are great starter bars for those new to an all-natural hair care routine.

This gift set includes:

1 Hair & Body soap bar of your choice

1 Dry shampoo shaker bottle

1 Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse Infusion of your choice

Optional: 1 30ml bottle of hair oil for

All items in this gift set are refillable



 For the budding low waster – shower edition

$26.15 - $29.15

Have a budding low waster in your group of friends or in your family? The Shower gift set offers a few simple switches that can be brought into anyone's shower routine! Our packaging free hair & body soap bars contain nourishing plant oils that have fantastic benefits for your hair and skin. The bamboo bath puff is a great way to replace the plastic puffs, and the body butter is a moisturizing follow up to add some softness to your skin and refillable at any of our locations!

This gift set includes:

1 Bamboo bath puff

1 Large Body Butter of your choice

1 Hair & Body soap bar of your choice

*Please note, prices vary depending on which body butter is



Still have some people left on your list? Not to worry, we will be posting other parts to our holiday gift set series shortly for all of the men in your life that are always so hard to buy for, including great unisex products that can be used by anyone! Prefer to DIY your gift? Stay tuned for our special DIY post on some fun, easy and creative gift ideas to proudly gift as one of a kind – made by you!   We’ll also do a post on some great low-waste gifts for those who are interested in reducing their waste/plastic but don’t know where to start.