Natural skincare gift set handcrafted zero waste refillable plastic free

Must-have's Gift Set

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These items are definitely must-have products from our store!  A great set to get started if your are new to Green & Frugal's line of handcrafted goods.  What's included:

➡️Large Happy Body Butter: Pamper your skin with the  fresh spring scent of our Grapefruit + Lime Body Butter. Made from pure plant ingredients this moisturizer deeply nourishes your skin and doesn’t leave you long as you only apply a small amount of this concentrated butter of course 

➡️Antioxidant Face Oil - Rich in natural antioxidants from Raspberry, Pomegranate, Baobao, Rosehip, Prickly Pear + Sea Buckthorn (to name a few).  This is a serum and moisturizer all-in-one.  One pump is all you need for radiant skin!

➡️Lavender + Tea Tree Deodorant - This top seller is a must-try if you haven’t yet.  It’s been around for awhile, and customers swear by this blend.  Just spread a light layer on your underarms and you are good to go for the entire day!  

➡️Lavender + Babassu Hair + Body Soap - This bar leaves your hair and skin feeling soft and moisturized.  Lathers beautifully without harsh ingredients.  Natural, Vegan+Palm-free.  

➡️Dry Shampoo - Not everyone is familiar with this, I know I wasn’t before, but now I CANNOT live without this!  The day after washing, when you need your hair to look a little more fresh and lively, just sprinkle a little of this, shake up your hair, style, then go.  You’ll look like you just washed your hair... maybe better! Great for camping trips 

All items are refillable at our brick-and-mortar stores!