Body Butter Kit for Beginners

Body Butter Kit for Beginners

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In this kit you will receive the portioned ingredients to make your very own body butter at home, easy to follow instructions on a recipe card and video link for visual learners.  This recipe is great for beginners and a great activity to do with your kids!  

Both the butter and the carrier oil are packed in returnable deposit jars, so if you return them clean and dry to any of our brick and mortar stores, you will get $2 back!  This is a great value. In the end you will have about the equivalent of our 3 large body butters.

The ingredients that you will receive:

225g Shea Butter 

150g Carrier Oil of Choice (If you are unsure, Apricot is a good choice)

7g Essential Oil

Tools you will need:


Bowl (glass or steel)

Hand mixer