Beeswax Block, 1lb - Local

Beeswax Block, 1lb - Local

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The benefits of Beeswax are endless;

From the topical ability to soothe, hydrate, protect, exfoliate, repair, & regenerate skin,
reduce signs of aging, itchiness, and irritation;
nourish, condition, and soften hair;
antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties;
and facilitating the healing of wounds and reducing exposure to infection;

To its aromatherapeutic uses in candles, best known for the long, slow, and clean smoke-less burn which not only releases a light honey aroma, but also eliminates airborne pollutants.

1lb block 100% pure yellow beeswax by the Wicked Bee. Great for cosmetics, candles and crafts.  

Better for candle making than the pellets as it has a beautiful scent!