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Straws & Accessories

Straws, Stainless Steel Silver

Package-free 18/8 Stainless Steel Straws with many options to choose from: Silver Standard – Tall and Narrow – 6mm x 215mm $2.25 Silver Wide Opening for Smoothies or Thicker Drinks – 9mm x 215mm $2.50 Silver Short and Narrow – 6mm x 176mm $2.25 Purple Standard opening – Tall and Narrow – 6mm x 215mm $2.50 Blue Standard opening- Tall...

Silicone Straws, Colibri

Made in Canada, using 100% silicone. Soft and flexible with a stopper ring at the bottom for use in tumblers. Fine for hot or cold drinks. 10" long, BPA free, and meets Health Canada / FDA food safety standards. Dishwasher safe can be washed in the sink or boiled to sterilize.

Straw Set

The straw set includes: Bamboo straw case Smoothie straw – Stainless Steel Standard straw – Stainless Steel Cleaning brush

Glass Straws, Package-free

Glass Straws 7″ length Package-free

Bamboo Straws

Bamboo Straws, Package Free 8″ length

Collapsible straw set

Pocket friendly set including a collapsible steel straw, straw cleaner and case. The telescopic straw collapses down for storage into its case which features a handy key ring that can be attached to accessible places (like your keychain) for extra portability.