Holiday Gift Guide Part 3: Unisex Sets

We could all use some extra self-care and pampering after the year we have had. This holiday season is the perfect time to treat your loved ones to a purely all-natural and therapeutic experience with our green bodycare products! Scroll through our curated collection of gift sets to find the perfect one for everyone on your list!  And, did you know, all of our products are packaged in reusable metal and glass containers, so you can also feel good about providing a low waste gift option that is also refillable!

Unpackaged Soap Bars


Not sure what to get? Need a high-quality edition to an existing box? Our hair + body soap bars are handcrafted and all-natural at an affordable cost! They come in 7 different scents to suit anyone on your list. Super moisturizing, sustainable, locally-made, what else could you ask for?


For the One with Aches & Pains

$20.95 - $47.50

Muscle Relief Gift Set with Body Butter (Small)

Our muscle & joint sets are perfect for those with muscle & joint pain from exercise, chronic pain or simply from the joys of aging.

Muscle relief bath salts has strong anti-inflammatory oils to relieve aches & pains along with relaxing oils to help ease tension.  Our Muscle & Joint rub is one of our most popular products, especially with older men or athletes, but really for anyone who suffers from pain related to inflammation. Then choose either our Rosemary Mint & Matcha Soap Bar or Vanilla Mint Body Butter to finish off your box! Rosemary Mint & Matcha Soap has a wonderful minty scent and is great for stimulating the skin and scalp, which can help with hair loss. Vanilla Mint Body Butter has a light cooling effect and is perfect as an after-shave lotion.  

This gift set includes:

1 Muscle Relief Bath Salt

1 Muscle & Joint Rub

1 Rosemary Mint & Matcha Soap Bar OR 1 Vanilla Mint Body Butter

Comes in Large or Small Sizes

For the One who is looking for a Low-waste, Natural & Affordable Shaving Experience!


One of our all-time favourite products is our Rockwell Safety Razor! Blades last much longer than traditional razors, the replacement blades are very affordable at $1.50 for a 5-pack, the single blade provides a super-close shave and reduces irritation & razor bumps! Make it a set with a pre-shave soap for lather & slip, soothing aftershave with no sting, and an all-in-one moisturizing oil that can be used as a face & beard moisturizer.  It can also be used on the hair & scalp to promote healthy hair growth.

This gift set includes:

1 Safety Razor

1 Rosemary Mint Soap Bar

1 Aftershave

1 Hair & Beard Oil

 For the One Who is Hard to Shop For

$26.15 - $29.15

shower gift set with bamboo bath puff, rosemary mint & matcha soap bar and large vanilla mint body butter

A gift set that everyone will love! One of our most customizable boxes for any scent and therapeutic preference. Choose between a soft or exfoliating bath puff. Our favourite unisex soap bars are Avocado & Lemongrass, Rosemary Mint & Matcha (can we mention it enough?), and Charcoal Detox. Looking for unisex body butters? Try our (super underrated) Mango Body Butter Blend and Cocoa Body Butter Blend. Sensitive to scents? We have Unscented Soap and Body Butters, too!

This gift set includes:

1 Bath Puff of your choice

1 Soap Bar of your choice

1 Body Butter of your choice (note: price will change with different body butters)

For the Active One Who likes to Smell Amazing


Maybe an unconventional gift, but our deodorant cream is seriously addictive! With an amazing body butter feel and powerful bacteria-fighting power, our cedarwood + patchouli deodorant is a fan-favourite. This deodorant has an earthy, grounded scent that's loved by all genders.  This a a great item to add to a custom gift box for an athletic family member looking to be more green. Pair with these all-natural and refillable options: Muscle & Joint Rub or Roll-on, Soap Bar, Loofah, Body Powder, Foot Powder and/or Bath Salts!

Still have some people left on your list? Not to worry, we will be posting more parts to our holiday gift set series!  Coming up will be a post on some great low-waste gifts for those who are interested in reducing their waste/plastic but don’t know where to start.