Eco-friendly Camping Essentials

We’ve been getting lots of questions about what soaps are biodegradable for their kids to take to camp, so we thought we’d do a shopping trip at our store for camping essentials with you along for the ride!

Since all of our products are all natural, you can be rest assured that they are safe for you and our environment. The soap bars are definitely a must since you can use them for your body, hair, face, hands, and for shaving….this will save lots of room in your travel bag 🧳 🧼

The other items are must haves for me when I go camping…

Dish soap block - to wash your dishes, hands or laundry 🧺🧼

Dry Shampoo - great for in-between wash days to freshen up and not look so grimy lol

Outdoor Spray - so you can enjoy the outdoors in peace

Protecting Butter - a sun protection butter that reflects the sun rays with zinc and has other nourishing plant oils/butters that also heal + moisturize you skin.

Afterbite rollon- to calm inflammation after a bug bite and provide relief from pain and itchiness… also good for poison ivy 😉

Reusable items - cutlery set, food storage (silicone or steel), and a squeeze bottle for condiments or lotions are also great additions to your backpack.

Have fun! 🏕