Back To School With Covid

I’m sure for all of you the thought of going back to school is an odd. But none the less we must prepare for the inevitable, no matter what that looks like.

Here are some things you can do to prepare yourself and your little ones for the days ahead....


  • Hand Sanitizer - schools are likely going to require this. Our suggestion, contact your school and see if they will allow you or your child to bring your own. This way you can either make your own or purchase some that is better for you than most on the market.
Recipe for Kids 5+
5 drops lavender
3 drops tea tree
6 drops ravansara or sub more tea tree
1 ml castile soap
3ml glycerin
1 Tbs witch hazel
1/2 tbs  aloe juice
*Shake again*

 Note: Alcohol has been proven effective against COVID-19, but essential oils have not.  However, many parents have requested an alcohol-free alternative , so here it is!


Alcohol Based Recipe
1 Part Aloe Juice
  • Masks - Practice wearing them now to get your kids used to them.   Kids especially will have a harder time transitioning, so use blocks of the day to get them used to it. Using a reward system has worked for many parents (if they want some screen time, they need to wear a mask for a short period during this time).  If you haven't already purchased a reusable mask you can get these relatively inexpensive now, too.  Having a few on hand is important so you can alternate while washing them. 








  • Essential Oils - having some kind of diffuser jewelry for yourself and your children is a great idea (if they are the appropriate age). Essential oils have some great properties that help fight germs in the air as well as on surfaces. A small roller ball sent to school or a few drops on diffuser jewelry will go a long way.  Just remember, there are some schools who don't allow scents, so be sure to check with them.


  • Stay Healthy - Promote good gut health to boost immunity!  Try and get your little ones to have a well balanced diet of whole foods - especially those greens!  I also like to give my little ones a probiotic to promote a healthier gut.


  • Mental Wellbeing - This one may be hard for some to bring to school with all the uncertainties out there, but it is an important one for our mental health and physical wellbeing. Along with masks, try practicing meditation. Light some incense, find a quiet space and listen to a meditation app, or go for a peaceful nature walk. To help with stress at school, you can send a little mister of gentle lavender or chamomile floral water. One to two sprits to the face is safe and calming.


You've got this! You're not alone and neither are your kiddo's.