Sodium Percarbonate (Laundry Booster/Bleaching Agent)

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Works great as a laundry booster to help get tough stains out or to make your whites whiter.

Manufacturer Instructions and Warnings:

For stain removal/soaking
Soak stained laundry in a mixture of hot or warm water and sodium percarbonate (laundry booster) - 1 to 3 tbsp per litre for up to 24 hours.

Washing machine
For a large load, add 4 tbsps. For a front loading washer, dissolve the powder in a little hot water and then add to the detergent water. 

For laundry: Use with care on delicate and coloured fabrics. Do not use on woolen fabrics. Sodium percarbonate can discolour coloured fabrics. Do not soak in a concentrated solution. Always test on an inconspicuous area. 


In-store: Bring your own container to fill up on the quantity you need.

 Online: select the quantity needed and we will pack it in a paper bag.

Sodium Percarbonate is just Sodium Carbonate (removes dirt) & Hydrogen peroxide (active oxygen to help remove tough stains) 

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