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Bulk Bags

Organic Cotton Bulk Bags 3 sizes available: Small 4″ x 6″ Medium 10″ x 12″ Large 12″ x 16″

Stasher Bags

Stasher’s 100% pure platinum food-grade silicone bags is a an alternative to plastic bags.  They freeze well, don’t leach chemicals when in contact with high heat, they are very durable with a long lifespan, they are very versatile.   5 Sizes Available.

Straws, Stainless Steel Silver

Package-free 18/8 Stainless Steel Straws with many options to choose from: Silver Standard – Tall and Narrow – 6mm x 215mm $2.25 Silver Wide Opening for Smoothies or Thicker Drinks – 9mm x 215mm $2.50 Silver Short and Narrow – 6mm x 176mm $2.25 Purple Standard opening – Tall and Narrow – 6mm x 215mm $2.50 Blue Standard opening- Tall...

Soap Pouch

Works great for: 1. Soap Storage 2. Travel Pouch 3. Exfoliator 4. Using up soap scraps Made with 100% Organic Cotton

Dryer Balls

Pure wool dryer balls from Moss Creek Woolworks in Hamilton, ON Canada. These are a perfect replacement to toxic dryer sheets.  They act to speed drying time and reduce static cling. Tip: Add essential oils to the ball for extra scent or bacteria fighting properties. For more info, check out: http://mosscreekwoolworks.com

Produce Bags Mesh

Organic cotton produce bags are a perfect alternative to single-use plastic produce bags. 100% Organic Cotton + GOTS Certified long rectangle 4.95, sm square 3.95, large sq 6.95

Stainless Steel Bento - 3 Compartments

Stainless Steel Bento - 3 Compartments $ 19.95

Stojo Collapsible Cups

These soft, yet sturdy, silicone cups are perfect for keeping things compact on the go. They’re leak-proof and dishwasher-safe.  BPA and lead-free, made with recyclable materials.  Great for both hot and cold beverages! Grey, White, and Mint. Two sizes: 12oz (NO straw) and 16oz (straw included).

Upcycle Lifestyle, Unpaper Towel 10 Pack

These cloth wipes are intended to replace single use paper towels.  They are made by a wonderful Ontario company called Upcycle Lifestyle that repurposes fabric that would otherwise end up in the landfill – 100% waste-free production.  Because of this, when ordering online, the pattern is always unknown.  This is a pack of 10 - we will ship out a...

Sandwich Box, Steel

Onyx Stainless Steel Sandwich Box 2 layers

Mesh Market Bags

Mesh Market Bags 100% Cotton Comes in Blue, Natural, and Pink

Sponge, TWIST

A great alternative to the traditional yellow-green plastic sponge!  According to the manufacturer, TWIST: “One sponge at a time, we’re trying to contribute to a more sustainable planet. Dyes and glues in traditional cellulose sponges can be harmful to our environment and polyester scrubbers never disappear from landfills. We wanted to provide consumers with a better option. Twist Clean uses 100% plant based materials...

Dish Clothes, 3 pack, Full Circle

100% Organic Dish Clothes from Full Circle WHY WE LOVE IT We can’t make dish time fun but we can make it a little prettier (and a whole lot greener). This 100% organic cotton cloth with helpful loops for scrubbing is as conscientious as it is convenient. 12″ x 12″ | 30.48cm x 30.48cm WHAT IT’S MADE OF 100% organic...

Dish Brush

3″ Dish Brush/Pot scrubber is made with tampico fibre and beechwood.

Beeswax Wraps Abeego

A great alternative to plastic wrap!  According to Abeego, their wraps pick up where the peel leaves off. Their beeswax food wrap protects & breathes like nature’s peel & rind and food is preserved longer than you’ve ever imagined.

Colourful Mason Jar Lids by Mason Jar Lids

Unique, single-piece mason jar lids for regular mouth jars. Great for attractive food storage, decor, to-go cups, packaging, crafting, bulk food filling, and gift giving! Available in Thirteen Vibrant Colours! Note: These lids are not designed for water bath processing.  Only for hot fill product sealing. Size:  Regular Mouth, 70mm, 2 3/4", 70/400, G70 For more information, visit Mason Jar Lids.

Silicone Stretch Covers, Assorted Sizes

Pack of 6 reusable silicone stretch covers in 6 assorted sizes. Perfect for bowls, cups, Tupperware, cut produce, etc.   Each Set Includes 6 Assorted Sizes: 6.5 cm (2.5") 14.5 cm (5.75") 9.5 cm (3.75") 16.5 cm (6.5") 11.5 cm (4.5")  21 cm ( 8.25") Mason Jar Lids chooses manufacturers that are monitored by a third party for compliance with FDA standards. Items...

Compostable Food Waste Bags - The Scrap Sack, Full Circle

Pack of 10, 1.5-gallon single-use, leakproof compostable bags. Throw in your food scraps and toss the whole bag! If you don’t fill it up, roll down the top to seal and add more the next day.  Collect food scraps; toss the entire bag in your compost when full Natural kraft paper with a vegetable-based liner Comes in a pack of 10  Made of:...

Beeswax Sandwich Bags - Reusable, Etee

Pack of 3. These great alternatives are reusable, biodegradable and plastic-free. Hand made in Toronto, ON, Canada.  Ingredients Organic cotton muslin with non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes USDA approved Certified Organic beeswax Coniferous tree resin Soy wax Organic jojoba oil Organic cinnamon and clove essential oils Washing Instructions Rinse in cool water ONLY, wash with an eco-friendly soap (avoid ethanol-based soaps) with your...