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Gua Sha Facial Tool

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Gua Sha Facial Tool in Rose Quartz 

Used for facial massaging or gently scraping the surface of the skin, Gua Sha leads to a brighter complexion, increased youthful appearance, and reduced puffiness, acne, scarring, and dark circles, by stimulating circulation and lymphatic drainage. Regular use of this sculpting tool can also result in reduced wrinkles and a more defined facial shape.

Use only once a week to start and up to three times a week once your skin has adjusted; too much too soon could result in a breakout or flare-up. After each use, thoroughly cleanse and dry your stone. It can be stored in the fridge for an extra cooling and soothing experience.

 How to Use:

  • Use clean stone, hands, and face
  • Apply favorite skin serum/oil to your face or body part being massaged
  • Grip stone comfortably and hold at an angle to slide across the skin and features easily
  • Slide upwards for the throat, neck, and back. Avoid too much pressure around the neck area. 
  • On the face, start in the center and glide outwards. When massaging the jaw, follow your features from chin to ears. When massaging cheeks, start at the nose and follow cheekbones upwards towards the eyes then outwards, working your way down. When massaging eyes, be extra gentle and  slide tool from the eyes corners out towards temples.
  • Pass the stone across your lips several times to plump them  
  • Repeat each movement or sequence 3-5 times to see the benefits.
  • Finish by applying moisturizer or a dab of face oil

    **Light bruising or broken capillaries can be natural on parts of the body after use. These should heal within a few days. Do not use Gua Sha tools on broken or wounded skin.