Dog Waste Bags, Biodegradable

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BioBag’s compostable dog waste bags are:

  • Natural, as dog waste, and decompose within 40 days in a well-functioning composting environment
  • An eco-friendly alternative to regular plastic bags to conscientious dog owners
  • Certified according to the European Standard EN 13432 for compostable products and the US Standard ASTM D6400

What is the difference between compostable and biodegradable?

If a material is compostable it is automatically considered as biodegradable and can be recovered in a composting process. A biodegradable material will break down under the action of micro-organisms, but could leave residues after one composting cycle and no guarantee for toxic residues can be given. Therefore a biodegradable material cannot automatically be considered to be compostable before proof of its compostability has been given according to existing standards (EN13432).

The term biodegradable is very often misused in marketing and advertising of products and materials that are not actually environmentally friendly. This is why BioBag more often uses the term compostable when describing our products. All of BioBag’s products are third-party certified compostable.

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