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Upcycle Lifestyle, Wipes

These wipes are made by a wonderful Ontario company called Upcycle Lifestyle that repurposes fabric that would otherwise end up in the landfill – 100% waste-free production.  Because of this, when ordering online, the pattern is always unknown.  We will ship out a random design.

KLIIN Reusable Towels

Offered in a variety of colourful patterns, designed in Canada, KLIIN is revolutionizing household cleaning. Say goodbye to conventional paper towels! Made from 100% natural fibres, KLIIN is eco-friendly. It can absorb up to 15 times its weight in water in stylish fashion.   Compostable: biodegrades in 28 days Made from 100% natural fibres Can be washed up to 300 times...

Full Circle Cellulose Cleaning Clothes

Cleaning Cloths Made by Full Circle. Comes in a pack of 3, 7.5 x 6.75" Plant-based cellulose. Works like a paper towel, but lasts for months. Wipes up spills, washed dishes and cleans surfaces. Reusable and dishwasher safe.

Colibri Organic Cotton Wash Cloths

Made in Canada from 90% organic dye free cotton + 10% PolyesterThese cloths are soft and absorbent. 7.5" x 7.5" Colibri has found so many uses for them and always keep a stack in the kitchen to wash those messy faces and hands. They also work great as reusable diaper wipes.

Soft Wipes by OKO Creations

Reusable, high quality organic cotton wipes. These thin gentle wipes are perfect to use as: Baby Wipes Toilet Paper Face Cloths Made in Canada by OKO Creations with 80% organic cotton and 20% recycled polyester. Undyed, unbleached and soft on skin. Laundry machine safe.