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Laundry Detergent

Natural and effective non-toxic laundry detergent that is free of phosphates, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances & dyes.   This concentrated detergent contains sodiums that work to remove and trap dirt. The sodiums ensure dirt gets flushed out with the water instead of reattaching to your clothes.  It also contains essentials oils of lemongrass, tea tree, and lemon for added cleaning power, while offering...

White Vinegar, 12% (Cleaning grade)

Cleaning grade vinegar 12% - Refill in-store for 0.04/10G when you bring your own container. For online orders, select your quantity and we'll ship it out in our deposit glass jar ($2 included in the cost)

Castile Soap

This concentrated soap is so versatile!  Just mix with water and you have made your own hand soap, dish soap, floor cleaner, body wash, and much more. Lots of great recipes online! Refill in-store for 0.16/10G when you bring your own container. For online order, select your quantity and we'll ship it out in our deposit glass jar ($2) You can also...

Air Fresheners

These multi-purpose air fresheners are completely natural, so feel free to spray it in the air or even on your body!  It can be used as a body mist, air freshener for the home and car, linen spray, or even as a hand sanitizer.  In addition to smelling great, many of the essential oils in these blends are mood balancing,...

Apple Cider Vinegar

New lower price! We now order this product by the barrel to help reduce our waste and costs - we’re passing our savings over to you.  Orders online are packed in a glass deposit jar ($2) that can be returned to our brick & mortar store cleaned and unchipped. In-store refills with your own container - $0.10/10G

Toilet brush with Replaceable Head, Full Circle

Made by full circle with earth friendly materials and a replaceable brush head. Learn more at fullcirclehome.com. Toilet brush in holder $34.95 Refill head $9.95

Garbage bags

10 pack of garbage bags made from recycled plastic. - Most garbage bags are made from new plastic, so if we must use them, these are a great alternative. Description Bags are "Best in Class" on attributes such as energy use, amount of recycled material, and post consumer waste that is retrieved and re-used Quality of these "green bags" is...


Disinfecting and deodorizing powder Many use it to make their own laundry detergent, or as a laundry booster. Buy in-store for $0.07 per 10 g  Online: select the quantity you need and we'll send it in a paper bag

Full Circle Cellulose Cleaning Cloths

Cleaning Cloths Made by Full Circle. Comes in a pack of 3, 7.5 x 6.75" Plant-based cellulose. Works like a paper towel, but lasts for months. Wipes up spills, washed dishes and cleans surfaces. Reusable and dishwasher safe.

Handcrafted hardwood soap dish

Made in Canada by @Leslie.webb.studio.  We have Figured Maple (light color) and Black Walnut (dark color) options.  $11.95